November Challenge


Hello and Happy Monday, 

How was your weekend? We spent ours by working, playing cards, watching movies, and enjoying the beautiful weather by going on walks and being outside with Echo. Saturday morning I stopped by the lake to drink my coffee because I can’t get enough of the fall colors and as I was standing there, I came up with the idea that I should do another challenge in November. I really enjoy doing personal challenges [RELATED: Coffee vs. Orsi] but I think this time it would be much more fun to do it with others. 

November Challenge

A couple of my friends and I are starting a November Challenge that we would love you to join in on! We all pick a goal/task for ourselves that we will accomplish in 30 days.

I will be doing yoga, but there are so many different, fun and creative things going around already that I just can’t wait to start!

November Challenge Ideas

  • Fitness: running, lifting, doing yoga, stretching, walking 
  • Meditating
  • Reading a book
  • Painting
  • Getting more sleep 
  • Switch to green tea from coffee
  • Putting less sugar in your coffee
  • Making healthier food choices 
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Doing better at keeping in touch with family and friends
  • No late November! If you are someone who is always late from places, challenge yourself to be on time this month no matter where you go
  • If you are learning a new language: learn 10 new words every day
  • Take one photo every day for 30 days. There are some pretty cool photography ideas online. Check for example this one out: Dawn Nicole Designs

There are lots of fun and creative ideas that you can do and it is always fun to challenge yourself to something!

If you are up for the challenge, join us here November Challenge !

Can’t wait!

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Hogy telt a hetvegetek?:) Mi munkaval es mozizassal toltottuk a mienket, es igyekeztunk kihasznalni a csodas oszi idot sok-sok setaval. Szombat reggel lementem a kozeli tohoz meginni a kavem, mert nem tudok betelni a gyonyoru oszi szinekkel. Ott alldogalva elhataroztam, hogy a November tokeletes honap egy ujabb kihivasra [ Coffee vs. Orsi ] de ezuttal jobb lenne masokkal egyutt csinalni!

A barataimmal egyutt elhataroztuk, hogy csinalunk egy Novemberi Kihivas honapot! Ha van kedved csatlakozni, szeretettel varunk! Mindenki valaszt maganak egy kituzott celt es 30 napon keresztul tenni fog az erdekeben. En jogazni fogok, de mar most nagyon sok kreativ es otletes dologgal alltak elo masok!

Nehany Novemberi Kihivas Otlet

  • Fitness: futas, sulyemeles, joga, nyujtas, seta
  • Meditalas
  • Festes
  • Konyv olvasas
  • Tobb alvas
  • Zold tea, kave helyett
  • Kevesebb cukor a kaveba
  • Jobb etkezes
  • Semmi alkohol
  • Rendszeresebb kapcsolat tartas a csaladoddal, baratokkal
  • Ne kess November! Ha altalaban elkesel helyekrol, akkor itt a tokeletes alkalom, hogy Novemberben pontosan erkezz mindenhova 🙂
  • Kep kihivas! 

Ha benne vagy a kihivasban, akkor csatlakozz hozzank itt: November Challenge 




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