January Appreciation – 7 Things I Loved In January

January Appreciation
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I have heard people say that January went by slow but it felt the opposite to me. I blinked twice and it was February all of a sudden. If I could think of one word to describe January with, it would be: COLD. We had lots of fun and we made great memories but yikes, January was chilly. But let’s see some of those favorite moments:

1. A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman

January Appreciation

If you are looking for an awesome novel that will make you cry, laugh and will get you lost in the story so much that you forget to eat lunch… (So in a way it is great for weight loss as well!!)…then check out A Man Called Ove ! You can find it for a very good price on Amazon . It received great reviews!

“If there was an award for ‘Most Charming Book of the Year,’ this first novel by a Swedish blogger-turned-overnight-sensation would win hands down” (Booklist, starred review).

2. Snow Day - Bombcyclone2018

Wohooo, snow day! We had a crazy snow storm hitting the East Coast on the 4th of January. I casually thought the day before: Hey, I will make chicken soup so we can be all warm and cozy inside the house. I went to one grocery store but the shelves were all cleaned off! Never seen anything like this before. So I went to another store…same thing…third store…SUCCESS. It looked like everyone was preparing for the end of the world and given that last year we lost power for five days after some rain, I got a little nervous to be stuck in a house with no heat and electricity haha [RELATED: Power Outage and Cape Cod] But everything was fine and we had a gorgeous day of snow fall!

January AppreciationJanuary Appreciation January Appreciation January Appreciation

3. Beach Walk

This one day it got REALLY warm and it was about 43 degrees so everyone got super excited and with or without dogs headed to the beach for a walk. Some people were more ambitious and even brought out their surfboards. We were so happy to be able to take a longer walk outside. I love walking and have been missing the opportunity to go outside and take a long stroll. So that was a happy moment. 

January AppreciationJanuary AppreciationJanuary Appreciation

4. Yoga

January Challenge

5. Marvel Movie Nights

We started doing weekly movie nights with my brother-in-law and his roommate to cruise through all the Marvel movies leading up to Infinity war. It has been so fun to re-watch all the movies! One weekend we are at their place and the other weekend we are at our place. It is always so fun and something to look forward to.

January Appreciation
pic from: screenrant.com
6. From My Red Travel Shoe to How I Adult

Changing the blog’s name came with lots of issues, glitches and annoyances. But I had some wonderful friends who helped with fixing problems and I am very thankful for them. I truly appreciate their help because I would have been so lost without them. 

7. World Map Wall Decal

The back wall of our living room was pretty empty so we decided to put a World Map up. (You can get your own here, this is the best priced one I was able to find). We were going to draw the map on the wall, because I saw my friend’s project and she did a fantastic job on her bedroom wall but then we realized it would take weeks to do so we just ordered a wall decal instead. Lazy person’s solution! Maybe we will draw our own map in our own house one day.

January Appreciation

These were my favorite things/moments from January 2018.
What were yours?

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  1. Hmmm…I guess I would have to say the crazy warm weather we are having here!

    You guys are Marvel fans??? You and your husband just became my newest best friends!!! 🙂 🙂

    And…why did you change the name of your blog??

    • haha I love it! Marvel is the best, we are so excited for Black Panther too!
      I changed it because I felt like with My Red Travel Shoe it was put into a highly competitive travel blogger world that I did not belong to haha. We do travel once in a while but if someone is looking for a travel blog, this is definitely not it. I felt like I have to communicate it better what people can expect if they stumble across the blog. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth all the trouble though haha but I made the decision so I guess I can only look forward now 😀


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