February 22, 2018
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Well, sometimes I just can't adult

Why Are We So Mean To Each Other
  Who plays HQ, raise your hand!? What is HQ? HQ is a live, twelve question trivia game that runs on an app. Many people play around the world at the same time and if you make it past the last question, you can win some money. Twelve doesn't seem like too much but the questions start getting pretty hard around question...
It snowed on Thursday! This was taken early morning, but during the day it snowed about 6 inches I should not be surprised because sometimes it still snows in May around here, but it has been very nice lately so it just caught us by surprise to wake up to snow. 2. I got hit by a damn tennis ball on...
  Washed some tissues and a receipt with my clothes 2. Washed and dried my headphones (due to a miracle, they still work) 3. Made some homemade tomato sauce and dropped the spoon (or whatever that is) The picture doesn't do justice, my pants got some tomato sauce on them too as I was trying to catch the "spoon" with my knee....