Art Cup – Nailed It.


The other day I was drinking coffee from a “wait for it”…. PLAIN, white cup. If the people who freaked out about Starbucks cups last Christmas saw me, they would have probably lost it all over again. But let’s not bring that non-sense up. I am here to talk some serious cup art…art cup… something…I am here to talk something.

So again, I was drinking coffee from a plain, “boring” cup and thought to myself: what a beautiful white platform. I think it is time for me to shine. This is probably how graffiti artists feel, except that is on a whole new level plus it is illegal… most of the time.

So I googled some pictures for inspiration because it turns out I have zero vision when it comes to coffee cup art. (Later you will see that my zero vision decided to pair up with zero talent) Those pictures were fascinating. I couldn’t believe how talented some people are… Some. People. Here are my favorite picks:Art Cup Art Cup Art Cup Art Cup

So, I looked at some great art and then I was like: whaaaaaaa?! I can totally do this! You know those times when you just feel soooo capable of anything? Probably the large coffee (explanation: venti sized coffee, just so Starbucks employees can understand too) had something to do with my out of nowhere confidence…

At this point I kind of felt like Jessica: “I can do anything good”

I saw all these wonderful pictures in my head:

  • I will draw horses riding in the beautiful sun set
  • Nono. I will draw dolphins jumping out of water
  • Uh, even better: I will draw the iconic scene from Free Willy
  • Maybe that’s too much. Hold back. Hold back. I will go with a house, sun, clouds, and people. The classic combo.

So I did.

Art Cup




  1. I loved this – I laughed out loud – something I don’t do that often. I hadn’t seen that video in awhile, so thanks for posting it. BTW – I love your coffee art. I wish I drank coffee, so I’d have a cup to doodle one – but I’m going to google and see what’s out there!

  2. Great idea! Someone could use the DIY coffe cup as a marketing tool to bring in business to their coffee shop. Then when the customer is done with their coffee, they leave their cup to be displayed on a specific shelf for the day! Maybe someplace is already doing it? I laughed when I read about the reminder of the Starbucks affair. That was one of the stupidest things that happened ever. smh

    • Yes, that would be so great! I was thinking that too or maybe just as a day event for socializing and the best drawing could win a free muffin or something. 😀 It is such a cool place, they have board and card games, it could be lots of fun. I would try, even though my chances to win are pretty low as you saw 😀 😀

  3. Haha, örökölhettél volna csak apró tehetséget. Ezt 29 évvel ezelőtt elrontottam. Bocsi, Anya


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