40 + 1 Unusual Date Night Ideas That Are Fun And Easily Affordable

40+1 Unusual Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day
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Two years ago I moved to the Midwest, far away from my friends and family. I never expected it to be a place that I will like and this is not only because of the freezing cold weather but also because sometimes I don’t have a SUPER positive outlook on things. Little did I know that I will fall in love with the kind, caring people and will cry my eyes out when it is time to leave.

But let’s focus on this adorable jar, that was filled with 29 unusual date night ideas when I got it from my friends and family on my surprise bridal shower in Milwaukee. The little jar, besides its actual purpose of giving date ideas, is also very decorative and is a fantastic gift idea. You can surprise your significant other, your friend on their bridal shower, or even your parents for their birthday, anniversary, or maybe even Valentine’s Day! 

In the last two years we have added a couple more ideas to the jar but the first 29 on the list are the originals 🙂 (You can always get more sticks in Hobby Lobby or Marshall’s and fill the jar with awesome ideas). Now let’s see what is on the list so far:


  1. Make a “travel money” jar together
  2. Go to the airport and watch the planes go in and out…dream and guess where they go
  3. Rent a kayak, canoe, or paddle board 
  4. Volunteer for a good cause together
  5. Play a board or card game 
  6. Go for a hike, bring picnic, books and dessert
  7. Memorize Pi (a lifetime challenge since there are infinite digits)
  8. Naked hoola-hoop (hahahaha whaaaat?)
  9. Discover a new restaurant
  10. Find a free concert
  11. Ice skating
  12. Go to the zoo
  13. Bake and cook something together
  14. Go to a lake and skip stones 
  15. Watch a Nicholas Sparks movie (you might have to tie your man to a chair)
  16. Take dance lessons
  17. Plant a garden together and design a sign for it 
  18. Read to each other
  19. Bike to the botanical gardens
  20. Couples work-out
  21. Play tennis then get smoothies or dinner out
  22. Go wine tasting
  23. Go skinny dipping in a lake (might as well take the hoola-hoop with you)
  24. Take a day trip to the city
  25. Sunset hike + beer
  26. Get tattoos (this is a little extreme for me)
  27. Bury a treasure or a time capsule together that you can go back to in the future or if you have children hide it for them with a little message so they can find it later in life
  28. Picnic on a beach at sunset (love love love)
  29. Sample every ice-cream shop in the city
  30. Go bowling
  31. Visit the zoo, the aquarium or the science museum
  32. Take a cooking class together. We took a doughnut making class. It was about three hours and so fun! 
  33. Take a brewery tour
  34. Take some photo booth pictures together
  35. Go on a mini road trip and discover a cute, little coffee shop 
  36. Find an antique shop and pick out one cool thing you will take home that will remind you of that day
  37. DIY project 
  38. Create your own photo scavenger hunt challenge of 10 things and compare your pictures or make a scavenger hunt for the other person with a price at the end
  39. Go to the theater or ballet 
  40. Go-karting is always fun
  41. Buy a cute jar, some sticks and create your own date-idea jar together! You can find the jars and sticks in Hobby Lobby or Michael’s

So these are the ideas, we definitely love them and are working on doing every single one on the list…not sure about the naked hoola-hoop yet 😀

Which is your favorite date idea on the list? 
Do you have any fun ideas for a date night?

40+1 Unusual Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day 40+1 Unusual Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day

40+1 Unusual Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day40+1 Unusual Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day



  1. Oh my gosh these are so amazing and some of them are hilarious like the hoola-hoop. I love the idea of having a jar and then just pick a stick. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas!

    • Hahaha, I know…the hoola-hoop. 😀 😀 I am happy you liked them. I thought it was a very cute idea too and always very fun to pick. I am super scared to pick the hoola-hoop one day tho 😀

  2. We like to fix plates full of cracker, cheeses and deli meats – oh and some fresh veggies too and then have a picnic in our living room while watching a movie. Don’t forget the bottle of wine!


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