We Were Bored So We Made Coasters


You might be wondering…

“Didn’t you just move across the country? (yes)

“Don’t you need to unpack?” (yes)

“Aren’t there new things to see?” (yes)

There were many things that led up to this creative and DIY afternoon of ours but let me start at the beginning and explain why we ended up making coasters:

  1. We got a dining table from my mom-in-law!!!!! (In the past two years we had dinner on the couch and on the coffee table. Not an ideal situation but honestly after a couple weeks, it became normal). This is our first dining table as a married couple and all of a sudden we feel like adults, eating at a table, sitting on chairs. But we wanted to feel not just like adults but responsible adults. And responsible adults use coasters!! 😀
  2. We were tired of organizing, unpacking and cleaning. 
  3. It was kind of rainy and muggy so we didn’t feel super adventurous. 

For a couple days wherever we went, we looked for some coasters but didn’t find anything we really wanted OR wanted to pay for. $17 for four coasters? WHAT?

But the next morning I woke up with a clear vision and a goal in mind: WE SHOULD MAKE OUR OWN COASTERS! Luckily, my other half had no issue with this proposal, so we got dressed and took a trip to Michael’s. 

After an initial five minutes of just wandering around we found four wooden coasters for about $2. Perfect! Grabbed a set of acrylic paint (after like ten minutes of just standing in front of the aisle looking completely lost and not knowing what we were doing) and an extra brush. All set. 

We got home and covered the table with newspapers. We ended up putting down so many layers that it would have been enough if we painted the entire apartment but better be safe than sorry I guess. 

And got to work! The goal was to make a coaster for each state/Hungary we have ever lived in. (We are one short but will go back to Michael’s at some point). 

STEP 1: The coasters were originally light wooden color so we started with finishing them with some paint so they would turn dark. (We had this paint at the apartment already for the fireplace) 

How To Make Your Own Coasters

STEP 2: We used a hair dryer to make them dry faster. We are inpatient like that.

How To Make Your Own Coasters

Step 3: Start drawing! Once those were dry, I started drawing the outline of the states. Smart me (*that was total luck*) I started with Arizona which turned out to be the easiest of all. Like three straight lines and done. Illinois (great job Ben) and Wisconsin were way harder and the one that gave me the biggest headache was my own little country, Hungary.

I had no idea Hungary would be so complicated but I struggled with this one big time!

How To Make Your Own Coaster

Extra Tip: If you mess up the lines, like I did with Hungary, you can use nail polish remover to correct the mistakes.

We think they turned out awesome and we had so much fun making them. We now accept your orders for State/Country Coasters haha 

Comment below: Do you have any favorite DIY projects?

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    • hahaha, well, honestly I am not that artsy either. This is why the nail polish remover came pretty handy haha I was so happy it worked and erased all the messed up lines. I am glad you like them! 🙂 You should try to make some one day!

  1. Hogy hogyan éled meg az életed, vagy hogyan éled át az életed, az tőled függ, az rajtad múlik. Nekem ebben az írásban azon túl, hogy remek barkács ötlet, más is átjött. Pl. emlékek, melyek így megőrizhetőek valamin, amit saját kezűleg, boldogan készítettél azzal, akit szeretsz és amiről majd mesélhetsz azoknak, akiket szeretsz.


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