Why Can’t We Just Be Nice To Each Other?

Why Are We So Mean To Each Other
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Who plays HQ, raise your hand!?

What is HQ?

HQ is a live, twelve question trivia game that runs on an app. Many people play around the world at the same time and if you make it past the last question, you can win some money. Twelve doesn’t seem like too much but the questions start getting pretty hard around question four so all of a sudden twelve does become a lot. There are two main hosts, a male and a female, and while it is true that the male host is on the screen 90% of the time, the lady host was not new to the setting the other day either. I have seen her many times before, she is just not there every day.

The Chat Box

Now. There is a chat box at the bottom of the screen that we usually don’t even bother opening up because we learned the lesson during our first game – minute one, that there is just no point to it. There are two types of people in the chat: One type are the people who share the answers to questions…AFTER the time is up. They are at least super enthusiastic and really don’t harm anyone, so why not. The other type is the aggressive, I will say random hurtful things type of moron that I do not appreciate the least bit nor will I ever understand people who are behind these things.

The Idiot

The other day I made a huge mistake and started reading the chat box, because apparently first game – minute one was a long time ago and we all know that time makes things look better. My eyes caught a comment by a male contestant:

WHO THE F*CK IS THIS HOE? – was his simple brain’s first expulsion to the surprising fact that the usual male host was replaced for a game. I am not sure why did he get so highly offended by the unexpected change of events but something definitely did offend him because why else would someone have such an arrogant reaction to things? 

I couldn’t believe my eyes. First of all, don’t you have a MOTHER??? Second of all, this is a TRIVIA game where one would hope to run into a little bit more intelligence but if this is too much to ask, c’mmon man, this is a public chat forum. That was totally un-called for. Can’t you just say: Who is she? No, you had to show 1.2 million people how cool of a dude you are by talking about her that way! Well congrats moron, you are the man!


Why do some people choose such hate and anger to express their thoughts? Why is this normal? Why didn’t he get kicked out of the game, right away? Why can’t we just send those people to space, let them orbit around and only allow them back if they can be normal? 

Why Can't We Just Be Nice To Each Other?
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  1. I’ve always taken great pride in having my online presence, including my blogging days, be very kind, courteous and polite. I have zero tolerance for rudeness or being outright mean or bullying. Your post has ironic timing as I had an experience on Instagram just yesterday that is still bothering me. Am I more sensitive than the average person, yes. It makes me who I am. Regardless, it takes a coward to degrade someone online from the safety net of their anonymous keyboard. Good post, Orsi! 🙂

    • Hi Mike, I wish there were more people who think about this as you do! It is so refreshing to meet people like you online and be able to have nice conversations and support for each other. I am truly sorry to hear you just had a bad experience, it hurts me so much when this happens but it hurts me even more to know it still bothers you. Don’t give them the pleasure by letting them get in your head! You have a great community of people who love and respect what you do! Those cowards don’t deserve your time!


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