A Trip Through New York City – 5 Random Act of Kindness


Hi Everyone,


I am on my way to Hungary but my trip didn’t start off the right foot (like literally..but I will get there in a second) and there were times when i got pretty frustrated. Most of the time rightfully so, other times…not so much.


Currently, I am sitting on the plane, reflecting on the past 7 hours. All the lights are turned off in the cabin and we are quietly and smoothly making our way across the Atlantic Ocean. I had the urge to take my computer out and start typing. I wanna make sure I will remember everything from today. My fingers can barely keep up with my thoughts. 


Like I said, I did get frustrated at some points during the first half of this adventure but reflecting on the day now, I realized how many things actually went my way.



This morning we left our house around 6:30am to get to the train that took me to New York. It was raining and the ground was all wet. I was wearing a big tennis bag on my back and a full backpack on my stomach. Once the train arrived and the doors opened, I headed towards the sign that said coach cabins. I stepped on the train but the floor from all the rain was super wet and my leg slipped out from under me and I lost balance. The heavy bag pulled me back and I was falling in between the train and the platform.  I finally found a grip on the door and pulled myself up. I never in my life did a pull up, it turns out I just never had the right motivation. There was a guy ahead of me who kept asking me with worry in his voice if I was okay. 


I said I was fine and took a seat behind him on the train. My hand was bleeding and my leg got bruised and of course I felt very embarrassed. 

The ticket collector lady noticed my hand and got me some bandage and alcohol wipes. She was very kind and helpful.

During the train ride I was staring out the window and had a wonderful view to the ocean, the trees that are slowly turning colors and all the ships peacefully rocking on the water in the bay area. 




When we got to New York the strange man who witnessed my lousy train entry, asked how I was feeling. Looking at my tennis bag, he told me he plays tennis in Newport at the Hall of Fame. He said he knows a coach there whom i should contact about some tennis opportunities. 

I thanked him for his kindness, wrote down the contact information and we parted ways as he headed out to work and I looked for my subway connections. 


(I stopped by Walgreens, conveniently located right by the subway entrance, to pick up some pain killers, water, gum, and hand sanitizer)




I headed to the A train! Once in a while I asked people along the way to make sure I am still limping into the right direction haha #sodramatic


I was wearing a jacket (it didn’t fit in my bag), a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and was carrying two bags. One on my back and one on the front. I looked like a very sweaty, moody, and tired teenage mutant ninja turtle. At one point a girl who was just as sweaty as I was looked at me, I looked at her and we started laughing and talking for a little bit. Sweat brings people together. What a weird sentence. 

I asked a guy which direction to go with the train but he wasn’t sure and ended up sending me to the wrong way. Another guy, standing couple feet away from us overheard our conversation and told us the correct instructions. I mean..he didn’t have to do that. But he did. I appreciate stuff like this! He used to work at the airport and took the same route to work for years. I thanked him and hopped on the train. 




Unfortunately, my phone didn’t have service below the ground so I couldn’t look up information. I just knew the ones i remembered from looking up the road the night before. 

But on the subway they didn’t announce the stops and there were no indicators on where exactly we were. I sat close to the door to see the signs on the platform to know when to jump off the subway. Two older gentlemen started talking to me and asked about my big tennis bag. One of them gave me a map that I could use and follow the stops with. They told me that there are two types of A trains. One that goes towards the airport and one that kind of stops before getting to that loop. Of course, I was on the wrong one. But they shared a path for a long time so I just switched at the stop where they parted ways. 




I switched trains and as I was standing on the almost empty platform a lady started looking at me and then pointing over to the other side. I wasn’t sure what she wanted so i stepped a little closer to hear her and as I moved out of the way of a pole I saw immediately that on the other side a gigantic rat was running up and down the platform. She laughed and we both said: how cute. (Only, because the rat wasn’t on our side of the platform.)

We talked until the train arrived and since she was going the same way as I was, we chatted the entire way. Another lady joined in the conversation talking about how much she hates the subway. They kept telling me stories about their subway experiences. 


There was one time a homeless person approached one of them and asked for money. She said she had no cash so the guy pulled out a phone attachment card reader and said she could use that too. We laughed pretty hard on that one.  


We arrived to my station, I got off the train and headed to the airport. 



I checked in my tennis bag, went through security where I already heard a couple hungarian people talking, I sat down and realized that in the midst of all that I forgot to eat. I grabbed a sandwich and coffee at Starbucks and sat down to relax for 10 minutes and then it was time to board the plane. 


I am now only an hour and a half away from my layover in Frankfurt. I am super excited to see my family but of course, also a little bummed that my husband and Echo couldn’t make it with me. But we agreed i will focus on the good times and this is exactly what reminded me that today I had so much to be thankful for and I am not gonna end the day without acknowledging all that and without giving credit to all the wonderful people I met today. 


Stay tuned for some awesome Hungary pictures. 


Do you have a story where you felt lost on a trip but also very grateful for the people around you?



  1. My dear little Sis!
    We are soooo different…..

    My favorite stories are reverse of yours.

    You know I have been abroad a few times for conferencese and I used the public transportation. I don’t know why… but all the other colleagues, tourist and locals who were not familiar in that line so they all asked me to show them the right direction and line number. Amazing. First time it is odd, second time you start to search the information spot sign above you, third time you just laugh 🙂

  2. It sounds like a super day! Nothing better than connecting with fellow human beings. Enjoyed the story!!!

  3. I LOVE that even though things didn’t begin quite so smoothly (literally), you still managed to find the silver lining throughout the day. I don’t think people realize how incredibly amazingly helpful it is when they offer to help with directions! Being disoriented or unsure of where you’re at is one of the most panic inducing feelings.

    I hope your leg and hand are feeling better, and I can’t wait to see some beautiful pictures of Hungary!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    • Hi Susie! Yes, I agree. It had such a calming feeling on me, when they were kind and nice. I usually don’t mind figuring things out, but this time I had a flight to catch so didn’t have much time for mistakes and wrong subway lines 😀 And turns out New York is pretty huge, the subway ride took an hour and 10 minutes 😀 Thank you for your comment! 🙂

    • Hi Lori! haha, thank you so much! Sorry about making you late 😀 It was really a fun day, including the little hiccups. I wish I had time to go above ground haha but we will be back to see more of New York and to visit Grace of course! 🙂

  4. Hi Orsi!! It’s Mike from IG 🙂 I’ve been wanting to visit your blog when I could spend some time on it so I’ve been doing that this morning! It is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! 🙂

    I stopped blogging almost 3 years ago after having huge success with it. It’s still active but I couldn’t find my mojo again after I lost my muse – Phoenix.

    I’ve been getting the itch to write again and spending time on here has sure given me more incentive. Keep doing what you’re doing here…I love it!! 🙂

    p.s. I followed you on Twitter and gave you some shout outs for your posts!

    • Miiiike! Hello! 🙂
      Thank you very much, I am so glad you enjoyed looking around and really appreciate the shout out!
      I am truly sorry about your loss! Dogs are family and I understand how you feel. I had German Shepards growing up and I still think about them often. Every minute is a blessing spent in a dog’s company and no matter how long they are around, it is just not enough!
      I hope you will get back to writing, although I understand the break, you are clearly great at it! I just looked and I LOVE your logo/head area!Did you make that? I will make sure to go back and read your posts as well, I am sure people really miss reading your posts!

  5. Oops…I didn’t respond to the post itself LOL!

    I flew down to L.A. last August just to have lunch at the Santa Monica Pier for the day. I love doing stuff like that!

    I had been told of the horrors of LAX and I intentionally wanted to experience that as I suffer from chronic lifelong anxiety (of which I’ve been getting help for over the past year). I had a private driver for the day (that was soooo awesome) and when he dropped me off I was blown away at how busy it was. I had my itinerary printed out and I knew exactly where I needed to go.

    Well, the arrival gate for my flight had changed without any notification and I asked one of the LAX employees for help. She WALKED me to the correct gate…and from that point two other employees at TSA and at the shuttle pickup to go across the tarmac to my gate…were all equally as friendly and helpful!

    10 out of 10 rating for LAX employees from me! 🙂

    • Oh, those spontaneous quick stops are so fun and Santa Monica Pier is amazing! And a private driveeeer?? Whaaaaaaat?! 😀 It is probably good you had that because driving in LA is the WORST ( unless we are talking about NY 😀 ) I lived in the LA area for about 2 months and spent every morning sitting on the rocks, watching the sunrise and the ocean, drinking coffee, before work. I knew it was a short time gig so I had to take advantage of the scenery haha
      That is great to hear about LAX. To be honest I usually have pretty low expectations about huge airports so I am always over the moon when I have a good experience. A kind word or a helpful person when someone feels lost is such a big comfort, I always cherish those stories! People need to be kinder to each other! Thank you for sharing! Sorry to hear about your anxiety, I hope you have been making a good progress!


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