Thanksgiving Road Trip To Boston


Hi Everyone, 

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We had a very relaxing, laid back, unusual Thanksgiving celebration. It was inspired by last year’s California Thanksgiving Roadtrip [RELATED: Pacific Coast Highway Trip Part I and Pacific Coast Highway Trip Part II].

On Thursday we slept in and had a relaxing morning. I made myself some coffee, rolled out my yoga mat, sat down on it and stared out the window while sipping on my warm drink. As soon as I was done, I did my daily yoga and then made some breakfast.

We decided to take the day slow. We did some cleaning, I worked for a couple hours, we read books, we watched a couple of movies, we made some dessert, played cards and took Echo to the park to run around. I started a new routine that makes me feel super productive. While Echo is running around, chasing the tennis ball, instead of just standing around and watching him or being on my phone, I set the alarm for 15-20 minutes and run around as well. I do laps, burpees, random dancing, squats and pretty much just whatever comes to mind. I do look a little crazy but 15 minutes is enough to get my heart rate up and get a good workout in. 

On Friday we took a little road trip. In August we moved to the East Coast from the West Coast [RELATED: 5+1 Things We Learned From Moving Across The Country], so there is so much to see and discover. We agreed that any given free moment we will go and see something new, even if it is just a neighboring town or city. It has been a lot of fun and as a Thanksgiving trip we chose to check out Boston. It did not disappoint. 

We couldn’t visit museums because we took Echo with us but that is okay, we will be back to see those some other day. Luckily the weather was amazing (for November in the Northeast) so we ended up walking about 6.5 miles.

We had two things on our to-do list: Boston Harbor Walk and Harvard Campus Visit.

The Harbor was so amazing. The sky was incredibly blue and the trees still had a little color to them. This area must be gorgeous earlier in the fall.

At the end of the walk we found a dog park, where we let Echo roam around a little bit and make some new friends. After the walk we grabbed a hot chocolate to share and headed to Cambridge.

We were expecting to see an empty campus but to our biggest surprise the entire area was so busy we could barely find parking. Echo got a lot of loving from random people and he always enjoys being the center of attention so we’d like to think he had a great campus visit at Harvard.

Harvard’s campus was gorgeous. We loved the buildings and the entire atmosphere.   Around 4 pm we were starving so we grabbed a burrito to share from Qdoba. We didn’t wanna get our own because we were planning to go out and have a nice dinner that night.

Around 4:30 it was getting dark so we decided to drive home. Echo was passed out on the back seat so he missed the beautiful city lights. 

It was nice to be home and rest our legs a little bit. We were so happy that we got to take this short little road trip and check out Boston. Living on the East Coast is definitely a huge change but there are so many amazing places to see and discover. We can not wait to see more!

Where did you spend Thanksgiving?
What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving?


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